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TikTok Trend Watch: Get the latest TikTok trends (hashtags, sounds and posts) sent to your inbox.

TikTok Personal Recommendations: Receive a personalized list of everything you're doing wrong & how to increase your views & followers. This personalized advice package is $39.99 and includes everything you need to take your account to the next level. Find out what you're doing right, wrong, what hashtags to use, when to post, what content to post etc. This package includes a shadow ban check!

Accelerator Program: I’ll take you from a TikTok beginner to an expert in days for $75. This is for individuals that are SERIOUS about growing on TikTok. *Please Note* If your account is shadowbanned we will need to help remove that ban first before we can help you grow.

Stay Up-To-Date on What is Trending on TikTok: After registering for the TikTok trend watch you'll begin receiving the latest TikTok trends Weekly. These trends include hashtags, sounds and posts.

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